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RocknReefs, Inc. is a manufacturer of high-end custom fabricated coral aquarium inserts, synthetic coral reef, freshwater wet and dry exhibits, and other uniquely themed environments for nature centers, public aquariums, large private installations and government environmental awareness projects. They are also the exclusive U.S. importer of Pangea America; an industry leader in the most durable, affordable and life-like manufactured seagrass, kelp, and algae. Their unique creations are hand crafted using certified animal and fish safe materials. RocknReefs, Inc. is known for their legendary customer service, exceptional project management, and the fastest turn-around time in the industry. Their ability to work seamlessly with all trades allows them to provide a cutting-edge approach to any project. RocknReefs, Inc. is proud to have worked together with the industry's top custom aquarium manufacturers, installation companies and public aquariums around the world, and looks forward to working with you. To learn more visit

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