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Bio Sphere Media

Bio Sphere Media

Hi-Density Bio Sphere Media

A Bio-Media specifically designed to provide optimum bacteria culture through appropriate strut and void allocation and correct flow-through dynamics.

State of the art filter media for use in fresh and salt water biological filtration systems. They may be connected together or randomly packed. Bio-sphere media helps create turbulance aiding in the gas exchange process. The void space is ideal for gas movement and allows optimum conditions for contacting and maintianing nitrifying bacterias living on the media surface.

One bio-sphere has 150 pins (drip-points). There are approximately 550 spheres per cubic foot and each cubic foot has approximately 150 square feet of surface area.

Part Number Description Surface Area Dimensions Pieces
7816 4.5 ft³ box of Virgin Polypropylene Bio Sphere Media 1 ft³ = 150 ft² of surface area Approximately 1.7" in diameter Approximately 550 piece per 4.5 foot box
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