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Congratulations! You have reviewed our information and are now ready to purchase RK2 products for your application. With equipment selection done, many of our valued customers still need to address the question of who will install this new life support equipment, (LSS)? In other instances, new facilities and/or large scale facility re-designs require a general contractor to select the right LSS sub-contractor to oversee the installation of the projects LSS. Regardless of your project size, there are always a series of questions and concerns that come up beyond equipment selection. Do not trust your project to be installed by a plumbing company! These are not toilets or water fountains we are dealing with here but rather complex filtration systems that require a working knowledge of what these components do within your system design and how they are to be properly installed and maintained. At RK2 Systems, we would like to take that extra step on your behalf and provide a listing of authorized installation companies that share the same high standards we put forward here at RK2 Systems on a daily basis.

Many of the firms listed can provide much more than just installation work. With services ranging from design consultation to equipment procurement and product training, you can be assured you are working with true industry professionals. You have made the right choice in equipment selection; now let us help you select the right contractor to handle your project. Please feel free to contact RK2 or any of these great companies directly for further information.

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