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Delta Star® Water Cooled Marine Duty Water Chiller: 1/3HP - 1 1/2HP

Aqua Logic's Delta Star in line TITANIUM water chillers were first introduced to the aquatic market in 1989. Known for their quality craftsmanship and exceptional performance they quickly became the industry standard that all other brands have tried to achieve. For over 15 years this same attention to quality and performance still goes into every unit we manufacture.

TITANIUM is the only heat exchanger material proven to be 100% fish and coral safe in saltwater systems. The Delta Star is built with an oversized helical titanium coil in the heat exchanger to maximize Btu transfer efficiency. The quite, internal, spring mounted hermetic motor/compressor provides years of reliable service. Their low profile and compact design allows for easy placement in tight places.

Each unit comes with a Black ABS plastic cover. A pump is required with Delta Star chillers to move water thru the heat exchanger. Please see section below for recommended pump selection chart.


For Marine applications Aqua Logic's Delta Star water chillers feature water cooled marine duty condensers, making them ideal for installations with an existing saltwater supply. They use seawater to cool the condenser instead of air provided by a fan and motor. Their low heat emission, compact size, and quiet operation allow them to be used in tight spaces with minimal ventilation.

These chillers are typically used at aquarium, aquaculture, and research facilities located near the ocean and have the ability to pump filtered seawater to the chillers. These are also ideal for use on boats and other sea going vessels. The condenser is made of titanium and PVC making it completely compatible for saltwater applications.

Each unit includes titanium heat exchanger, water control valve for the condenser, digital temperature controller and black ABS cover.

Available in sizes from 1/3hp thru 1-1/2hp Aqua Logic has a size and configuration to meet your specific requirements.


Many factors will have an influence when determining the size water chiller required for a particular application. While standard Btu calculations will give you a good starting point for sizing, many environmental and system design parameters must be considered. While sizing charts can be helpful, one chart DOES NOT work for all chiller installations.

Sizing charts for marine reef tanks (under 1500 gallons) are based on "typical" setups using the common life support equipment (LSS), such as pumps, filters, and lighting. However, some tanks have more pumps or higher wattage lighting then what might be considered "normal". This must be considered when looking at a sizing chart. The sizing chart we provide for reef aquariums is based on many years of experience and a typical tank setup.

The sizing charts for aquaculture system, large public aquarium tanks and other fish holding systems are different then that of the marine reef tank. These systems may contain just one large tank or multiple tanks, located indoors in a controlled environment or outdoors in direct sunlight, and every situation in-between. These systems may require less hp per gallon then reef aquariums. Adding insulation and thermal pane viewing windows will decrease the amount hp per gallon required.

For hydroponic applications nutrient solutions need to be cooled. Although the volumes may seen small it is spread out over a large area and there is a tremendous amount of heat input from either grow lights or natural sunlight. This heat input is greatest when plants are young but as they grow and start shading their growing trays the heat input decreases. Due to the numerous variety of set ups these systems can be difficult to size.

We provide a questionnaire that you can fill out and return to us for help in sizing a chiller for your particular application. The more information you provide the better. As always we have a staff of technicians that are ready to help answer any technical questions you may have.

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